Mobile phones can turn into computers in seconds, and new technology portable displays are here!

You may have seen a lot of monitors in common use, but have you seen portable monitors? Why are portable monitors more expensive than ordinary monitors? Usually, portable monitors are smaller and use fewer materials, but ordinary 1080P portable monitors without power touch are still more expensive than ordinary monitors with the same parameters. To analyze roughly, there are three reasons: The portable display does not mean that the price is low with fewer materials; PPI pixel density is generally affected by the resolution and size of the product. The larger the size, the lower the resolution so that the … Continue reading Mobile phones can turn into computers in seconds, and new technology portable displays are here!

Why do more and more people choose portable monitor?

Today, notebook computers have undoubtedly become a must-have product for most users. Notebook computers have many advantages, including portability, convenience, and high efficiency. Laptops with high configuration are relatively expensive, and cheap laptops have a relatively low configuration. If it breaks down, it will also cost more to repair. The overall performance is not as good as desktop computers, but they are small, convenient and energy-saving, so they have always been welcomed by everyone. But at the same time, notebook computers also have many shortcomings, which may lead to our poor use. One of the most common problems with laptop … Continue reading Why do more and more people choose portable monitor?

Will be portable to the end!

In 1922, Apple I made history’s first display with cathode ray tubes (CRTs). In 1946, computers in a general sense only appeared for the first time, followed by CRT monitors, which were previously “big head” monitors, but the common problem with CRT monitors has not been resolved is that the bigger the screen, the thicker the monitor. Therefore, LCD monitors are gradually occupying the market due to their thinness and lightness. In fact, CRT monitors can easily achieve higher refresh rates, but people’s perception of thin and portable is often more obvious than their actual experience. Looking at the history … Continue reading Will be portable to the end!

Efficient working helper – professional quality, easy to use portable monitors

I believe that many designers want to equip themselves with a useful display, not only can better meet the needs of work but also can reduce the burden on their own bodies. At its most basic, monitors allow us to have a larger display space, which can be used for multitasking or to place more windows side by side. But the dual-screen doubles the area that we can use for operations and can display more content. The easiest way to achieve dual screen is to use the native screen of the laptop. Of course, if you want to work more … Continue reading Efficient working helper – professional quality, easy to use portable monitors

How to choose portable monitors?

Your eyes aren’t the only parts of your body affected by extended use of a laptop screen, so I’ve provided a more comprehensive set of guidelines below. Extended use of laptops can disrupt your circadian rhythm due to unnatural exposure to the blue part of the light spectrum in the night. Laptops are not ergonomic and can, over extended use, lead to posture issues that can cause premature stress to your neck and back. When working at a desk, preferably dock your laptop to an external monitor and input devices. Since I use external LED monitors, it makes a big … Continue reading How to choose portable monitors?

The new “windows” of the live-stream platforms rising under the COVID-19

The developments of COVID-19 in 2020 has caused the real economy to encounter a crisis, while the live broadcast industry has accelerated. The employees of offline malls and physical bookstores have all turned into e-commerce streamers. Live-stream platforms also accelerated the integration and transformation of traditional industries online. Live broadcasting has become the most popular trend, and most young people are engaged in or want to engage in this industry. If you want to do live broadcast well, you need to do a lot of preparatory work, so what should you pay attention to? Let’s see. First of all, you … Continue reading The new “windows” of the live-stream platforms rising under the COVID-19

With these, you are the brightest one on Ladies Street

While the developments of COVID-19 was still going on, the riots broke out in the United States. In addition to the epidemic prevention materials and household essentials, some self-defense products such as guns and knives began to sell well. Pocket knives such as tools have been making a hit on e-commerce platforms, ranking around No. 100 on Amazon’s Best Sellers list in May. By mid-June, knives had moved up to the top 10, the last time they were in the top 10 was last July. In addition, people’s demand for beauty care products also began to grow. During the epidemic, … Continue reading With these, you are the brightest one on Ladies Street

Traffic artifact, you deserve it!

We’re closely monitoring the developments of COVID-19, the epidemic raged and became more and more serious, causing severe blows to many retail companies, and some companies were on the verge of bankruptcy. According to the tracking survey data of Coresight Research, in 2020, retailers may announce the closure of 20,000 to 25,000 stores, of which 55% to 60% are located in shopping centers in the United States. In recent weeks, retail bankruptcy filings have begun to increase. Coresight said it expects more retail companies to conduct more liquidations in the near future, thereby increasing the number of closed stores. Department … Continue reading Traffic artifact, you deserve it!

This small furniture is too popular on Amazon

This COVID-19 epidemic is too crazy. If it is not stay at home, I believe that the laptop table will not have such a large market. Being at your desk all the time is obviously too uncomfortable because you have to work from home for so long.  When it comes to sofas, balconies, or any other comfortable place to work, it’s important to have a portable laptop desk that you can move around at will and, importantly, relieve fatigue. In Google Trends, the search volume of laptop stand, laptop stand, laptop table, laptop cooling pad, laptop cooling pad, folding table, … Continue reading This small furniture is too popular on Amazon

Hot products worth seeing

During the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic,  many products unexpectedly became sought-after goods, and even some products were quickly sold out after being put on the shelves. The following are the latest “dark horses “. hands free door opener During the epidemic, people will avoid touching public goods as much as possible, especially the elevator room keys and doorknobs public places. Until now,  many people still press the elevator floor with  room keys. In view of this demand, the market soon appeared a corresponding product – contactless door opener, and the debut became popular. On the American Amazon, there are … Continue reading Hot products worth seeing


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